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Used Netbook Computers Available to Students, Free of Charge

Used Netbook Computers Available to Students, Free of Charge.
Fall 2015

Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 has approximately 400 netbooks available for students to have and keep, free of charge, as a personal device. They are approximately five years old and are in relatively good shape but no longer function adequately in an enterprise class setting with multiple users. They may have some value as a personal device however these devices may be deemed inadequate to use at school. School-use expectations and capability would be determined by individual teachers. After December 20, 2015 these Netbook’s may or may not be available, as often they are recycled or donated.

Netbook Specifications:
Acer Aspire One 533.
1.8 GHz Atom processor
1G of memory
1024×600 monitor resolution
250 GB hard drive
Windows 7 Home Starter

Please note that no other BGRS software is installed on these Netbooks. Microsoft Office and all other educational software has been removed. There may be software from the original manufacturer.  Users would be free to install Free Office, Paint, Scratch, Chrome and Firefox browsers and any other common software they prefer.

Hardware and Battery:
The battery life will be diminished compared to new but should last approximately 1.5 –  2 hours, spare batteries may be available. The netbooks may have stickers and ID tags that can be cleaned off and if any part of the cord, charger or device itself appears worn please return it within the week and BGRS will replace it with another device and recycle the affected components.

Wireless and Internet Connectivity:
The netbooks have wireless capability and would connect to the BGRS BYOD network or any wireless network. Students could take them to use at school but they may not be adequate depending on the expectations of the teacher. There is no internet filtering other than what is provided on our network.  They would act just like any other personal device in a school and at home.

There is no warranty and no support available from Black Gold Schools. These are offered on an as-is, first-come, first-served basis. If the device breaks or no longer works you would be responsible for recycling in a responsible manner.
Obtaining a Netbook:
If your son or daughter would like a device please sign this form and have them return it to their classroom teacher. The classroom teacher will be able to direct the student to the to the appropriate person to receive the device.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact

Netbook Computers For Students

This form is for parents approval to allow their son and/or daughter to have a netbook computer that Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 is removing from its inventory. Normally the device would be recycled or donated to a non-profit educational program. There are no warranties or guarantees as to its operation or condition. Please monitor your son and/or daughter’s computer use appropriately.
Parent/Guardian Permission
I have read the preceding information and hereby give permission for:
(Print Student Name)
To receive a netbook computer for their own personal use.

(Signature)                                                                   (Date)

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