Black Gold School Division
École Beau Meadow School

Grade 4

Maker Market

The students in 4CE decided to make arts and crafts that they could buy from each other, using the "class money" they earn for doing classroom jobs and for excellent behaviour. They worked hard to make pictures, bookmarks and snowflakes in school and some made crafts at home as well. They had a fun time shopping at at our Maker's Market.

Cookies - Faire des biscuits!

Grade 4 students in French Immersion collect marbles as a class for speaking in French. Once they fill the jar, they get to pick a prize for everyone. This time they chose cookie baking, which allowed them to deepen their French skills by using a recipe and directions in French.

Students in 4B collaborated with Mr. Maltais to create 360° tours of the regions in Alberta they studied.  These tours can be viewed on phones, computers, tablets or with virtual reality goggles.

Ava Reid – Virtual Tour Les montagnes rocheuses (Rocky Mountains)