Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
École Beau Meadow School

Snow Removal Note

Snow, Shovelling, Winter, Removal, Work

Please be advised Town of Beaumont crews will be mobilizing on Monday December 17, 2018 to remove snow windrows from our school area.

Please see the schedule on the Town of Beaumont’s website for more information:

  • Signs will be placed indicating “NO PARKING”

o   Municipal Enforcement will be enforcing ticketing/removal of cars parked in the designate “Snow Removal Areas”.

  • Graders will move snow from curbs to center windrow.

o   Windrows will have breaks at all intersections to accommodate traffic.

  • Blower

o   Blower will move in with trucks to begin snow removal

If you require any further clarification please contact the Town of Beaumont directly.