Black Gold School Division
École Beau Meadow School

Nov. 21-25 Announcements

Monday –
Recorder Club practice is cancelled for today as Mme Hendriks is not here.
Girl’s basketball practice in the gym after school.
Also please note that basketball teams will NOT be able to come and shoot around in the gym during 2nd recess due to the set-up in the gym.
This is an announcement for the Symposium Group – Could you please come to the gym first thing tomorrow morning (let your teacher know you are there and please come meet Mrs. Schindel in the gym – before the school spirit assembly).

Knitting club at lunch recess.
Boys basketball practice in gym @ noon hour.
Recorder club practice at lunch recess.
Gr. 3 Library Club at first recess
Choir please come to the front to pick an important permission form.

Choir Practice at Lunch Recess.
Origami Club for grades 4, 5, 6 in M. Desjardins’ classroom during lunch recess.
Basketball Intramurals- Celtics vs. Lakers, Clippers vs. Warriors- Mme Marshall supervising.
Basketball game at Coloniale after school.

Thursday – Choir Practice at Lunch Recess.
Girl’s basketball practice in the gym at lunch recess.
Gr. 4 Library Club at first recess
A reminder that tomorrow is JERSEY DAY! Wear your favourite jersey to school tomorrow to show your school spirit. If you don’t have a jersey you could always wear our school colours!

Pokemon Club Middle Recess Grade 3-6 Mr McNamara’s Room.
Basketball Intramurals- Mavericks vs. Cavaliers- Mr. Desjardins supervising.
Reminder to the leadership students to please go help deliver hot lunches today at lunch recess.
Happy jersey day! Way to show your school spirit!
Lost and Found Club meets today at morning recess.