Black Gold School Division
École Beau Meadow School

January 20 – 24

Dance club at lunch recess int the music room.
Bookworms meet at lunch recess
Students, just a reminder to use proper crosswalk safety. This includes using the crosswalk in our bus lane and using the lights/crosswalk in front of the school.
Girls basketball practice at lunch recess
Teachers- reminder to fill out the ski/snowboard rental form shared with you a while ago- just need to write names of students renting equipment. Forms need to be sent to the hill by the end of the day
Choir practice in the music room at lunch recess
Beep Test Club at lunch recess- will start right away so come quickly. If you come you stay inside until the end of recess even if you finish early
Homework club at lunch recess
Musical Theatre practice at lunch recess
Knitting Club at lunch recess
Choir practice in the music room at lunch recess
Today is hot lunch. Leadership students please meet at the kitchen for deliveries at noon.
Grade 3-6 Pokemon Club. Mr McNamara’s room lunch recess.
Grade 1&2 Pokémon Club in M. Desjardins room @ lunch recess!