Black Gold School Division
École Beau Meadow School

Christmas Fringe Information

The students and staff are excited to present our Christmas Fringe. It is a collection of classroom performances that you are sure to enjoy. The performances will be held in the gym. If your child is performing, they should go to their classroom upon arrival at the school.

Please note that the main and classroom doors will not be open before 5:55 pm for the early performance and classroom doors will not be open before 6:55 for the late performance. We need to have a time set so teachers will be in their classrooms to supervise the students.

Please note that due to our decreased enrollment this year, we have moved to three performances over two days. There will be time in between the performances to allow for the audience to exit the gym and the next audience to enter. In order to be respectful of the performers, we ask that audience members remain for the duration of the group performance. In addition, the gym doors will be closed at the beginning of the performance and re-open at the end. The students will be performing in a large group song as the finale;’ however, they will still go back to the classrooms for dismissal.

You may pick up your child at their classroom at the end of the group performance. In order to accommodate all of the family and extended family members who attend the performances, we would like to encourage you to consider bringing your extended family members to the dress rehearsals. We will have the first few rows reserved for our guests during the day.

Tuesday, December 18:
6:15: KEA, 3A, 1S, 4CE, 2M, 2O, 5L
7:15: KEP, 4M, 1B, 3B, 2D, 5T, 6C
Dress Rehearsal: Tuesday 12:50 pm

Wednesday, December 19:
6:15: KIA, 3W, 1J, 5P, 2R, 4B, 6M
Dress Rehearsal: Wednesday 10:30 am

*Please note that due to the Kindergarten class schedules, the KEA group will have their “dress rehearsal” on Wednesday and NOT Tuesday.
Additionally, if any concerts are cancelled due to inclement weather, they will not be re-scheduled.