Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
École Beau Meadow School

Announcements Mar 20-24

Monday (20):  
Grade 3 Girls Floor Hockey Team come to the gym during 2nd recess.
Just a reminder that there will be NO Grade 5 or 6 Girls Floor Hockey practice today after school.
Could all SWAT members meet Mrs. Schindel just outside the gym during FIRST recess.
M. Desjardins will be hosting an After-School Chess Club beginning April 10th. If you are in Grade 4, 5, or 6 and are interested please see M. Desjardins during last recess today in his classroom.
Movie Club: Don’t forget to bring your permission form for the Movie Club this morning.
A BIG Congratulations to our Grade 6 Girls Floor Hockey team who brought home the silver medal at this past weekends tournament!

Tuesday (21):  
Recorder Drop In for any grade 4,5,or 6 students at lunch recess.
Zentangle club in Mme Godde’s classroom at lunch recess.
Choir practice for group 1 at last recess in the music room.

Wednesday (22):  
Choir practice for group 2 at last recess in the music room.
Dodgeball Intramurals Mdm Marshall supervising.
Grade 1 eng and imm Lego Club-lunch recess in room 23

Thursday (23):  
!!!DAY 5!!!!
Dodgeball Intramurals- Mr. Hayes Supervising.
Just a reminder that Yoga Club for grades 4, 5, and 6 is after school today in the music room.
Grade 2 eng and imm Lego Club-lunch recess in room 23.
Choir practice at lunch recess in the music room for both groups.
All SWAT members (this includes Symposium members as well) Please meet Mrs. Schindel outside the gym at FIRST recess.

Friday (24):  
PD DAY – No school for students